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About Two Leafs Beauty

The Journey

I have grown up with my father having a giant house plant that he had for twenty years, so I have grown to love their presence. They warm up the room with their different hues of green. Plants make space feel like home. They are fresh, empowering, and unique. 

I started my journey in my collection of house plants in 2015 with a couple of cactus, succulents, and vines. Now of 2021, I have roughly 100 plants, and I keep accumulating more from buying to simply propagate the plants I have. Other than being able to brighten my room, I completely love the process of buying a plant, repotting a plant, and finally picking where the little guy will be staying. Therefore, I want to bring this delightful process into your home.

This is a space to learn, connect, and build your love for plants. I want to support you in finding your passion for plants. Please do not be shy because this space is your space.





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