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Plant Parents: Self-Care Edition

Well, Hello, my lovely plant lovers and friends. I started this blog for the love of my plants. I wanted to share what was going on in my home with you. Plants are a fantastic house décor (really the only house décor we need!) Plants bring joy like no other, and that is why I wanted to bring a slightly different post to you all. We get so caught up taking care of plants by watering, repotting, and making sure the humidity is perfect, but we sometimes do not stop and do the same for ourselves. Yes, this post is going to talk about MAKING SURE YOU GIVE YOURSELF WATER. Our plants cannot thrive if we are not thriving. I do not say that just because it is obvious, but because I have been slacking at taking care of myself, even my plants are suffering from it.

I have made a move from GA to CO, and I have to say it is a great transition, but awesome can even take time away from the routine you once had. Let me tell you. My plants are not having difficulty adjusting to CO, but they hate me for not changing faster myself. The difference here is that the air is much drier, and my plants dry out so FAST. I will water them, and three days later, they are dried out. Let me tell you; I was not ready for how fast they dry out because I do not have any drainage plates. I used to use my shower a lot in GA, but the house I am in CO has a sliding glass door, and boy, that makes everything 10x harder. I already broke one of my favorite pots trying to do my old ways ;(.

Anyways, self-care is extremely important. Watering yourself allows for new adventures, better self-esteem, and the energy needed for difficult challenges. Starting this blog was a dream of mine. Showing beautiful plants, explaining easy and simple care tips, and expressing my own twist on plants. I started the blog with the thought of posting once a week and staying motivated for success. What really matters is consistency. The drive and will to push me to stay on top of my passion. That has to start with caring for yourself. Making time for yourself is not always the easiest, but having a little greed for your own success will help you stay on top.

Loving yourself is the first step to hopping on the bandwagon of success. My goal is to start my day with the word of God and understanding the love of the Lord is what allows me to know that I am important to be loved . . We are here to spread love through all our different gifts. Your gift of plant love can make someone's day by simply giving a plant clipping or even so fresh soil. Making the leap of faith of doing what is right in your heart will shine around others. Be the motivation that other desire to do themselves. That is why I love blogging, posting plant picture and my god awful reels. It might seem embarrassing or a joke, but it my true enjoyment, and if no one picks up on that who cares! Just keep on trucking along. Plant care has taught me so much, and that is why I want to share it with more than just the people around me. I want to share it with this fantastic plant community. My sister-in-law, Taylor, is a plant lover herself, so I

offered her to be part of my blogging world. If you ever want to express your love for plants or your story and care tips, please do not hesitate to reach out to me!

This platform is not for only myself. I created it to share, and allow others to show off. I am here for questions, stories, and even my own silly ideas, but just because what worked best for me will not always work best for everyone else. That is why I would love multiple idea flowing through Two Leafs Beauty.

As always, I am here for tender, love and care for all my lovely plant lovers and friends. I have been off track with consistently posting which I know is extremely important, but I will always pop right back up because I do what I love. Never stop anyone from feeling bad about doing what you love.


*** I have beeen working on this post for over three months, but as always better later than never (;

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