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Why Network When You Could Buy A Network Calathea?

There are several dozen types of Calathes. I have owned a handful, but the one that has spoken to me the most, and always drives me back is the Network Calathea. This Network Calathea scientific name is Goeppertia kegeljanii, but it is also known as the Calathea Musacia. This Calathea is native to Brazil. This will give us an insight into how this plant wants to be treated.

This plant has beautiful lush green hues, but it does not stop there with its beauty. These leaves have a unique pattern. The pattern is dark outlines filled with lighter greens through the whole leaf which looks like boxes. This plant is majestic. The moment I saw it on Instagram, I had to have it. I found it off Etsy for $40.

The picture above is from having the Network Calathea for eight months (nine on April 28, 2021!). This Calathea really has taken off, and I have always found new growth every other day or even once a week. It was breathtaking, and I never regret buying Network Calathea.

This is the Network Calathea original looked at (maybe fewer leaves) when I first received it in the mail. I have to say we can all admire how much she has grown over the months!


Temperature: 65-80 Degrees Frahnheit (16-26 Degrees Celcius)

***Humidy gauger also tells the temperature

Soil: Well drained. I created a mixture of potting soil, bark, charocal, perlite, and warm casting. This just creates a nutritious soil. If you like to water your plants a lot, I suggest a little more bark and perlite, but if you are the type to forget to water, I would have more soil and add pea moss to hold moisture.

Humidity: THIS PLANT LOVES ITS HUMMIDIY (~60/80%). If you are not willing to have a way to get this plant humidity, just don't expect it to go fast or live. I kept my Network Calathea in a small Ikea greenhouse. The link for the greenhouse is below. The humidity stays roughly 65-75%, but during watering and misting, it can reach 80-95%.

Propagation: The Network Calathea cannot be water propagated. Therefore, you will have to wait until it is a strong health plant, and you can just break the plant up.

***I just did my first propagation on this plant! It is going wonderfully. I have read a lot on this plant, and it never said anything about bulbs/corns/"seeds", but I found some during my division. I planted them separately to see how they take off.

The Network Calathea is a beautiful, simple plant that will wake up any where you decide to place this plant!

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